Millions Use Internet to Search for Hope; Nonprofit Responds with Invitation to Explore God

Online ministry responds to pandemic by maximizing impact of digital evangelism while in-person church services remain limited

May 20, 2021

RICHMOND, VA: Nonprofit Explore God today announced the launch of the Explore God Invitation, a free digital program designed to help people find hope, peace and joy by learning how to know God personally. The Explore God Invitation encourages readers to consider starting a relationship with God by telling Jesus’s life story in a visual, compelling way.

Explore God works to meet people where they are in their faith journey. For many, that’s the Internet. There are millions of online searches on topics related to God and faith every day. The nonprofit strives to ensure that when someone turns to a search engine with a question about God, they find clear, credible, biblically based answers. 

After nearly a decade specializing in online and community outreach initiatives, Explore God has seen great success in leveraging technology to help people find answers to their spiritual questions. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge churches and traditional religious services, online outreach has become more critical than ever. 

Chief Operating Officer Camille Rodriquez said, “We found ourselves repeatedly asking two questions: 1) Are we making it as clear as possible to as many as possible that there is eternal hope to be found in a relationship with God? 2) Are we doing enough to help those who decide to start a relationship with God continue to learn and grow—especially in the early stages? Ultimately, we had to face the fact that, despite all we’ve done, the answers were no.”

Explore God developed a plan to launch their largest-ever spiritual growth program. Soon after, the ministry faced budget cuts because of the pandemic. But the need for hope, encouragement and spiritual guidance was growing. The ministry adapted and broke the program into phases.

The Explore God Invitation is the first piece. The Invitation explains what it means to be in relationship with God and how to take the initial step forward in faith. But it doesn’t stop there.

If someone decides they’re ready, the Growing with God series walks them through how to begin to live out their newfound faith. For those who need more time to learn, three other series will help them answer common questions about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity.

“Over the years, we’ve learned that many people don’t know the story of Jesus’s life, don’t see how it impacts them, or don’t understand how to have a relationship with God. We get that. They’re complex topics. But they’re also hugely important to living a fulfilled, hopeful, purposeful life. Our goal is to help millions discover the lasting joy they may be missing,” said Rodriquez.

Explore God encourages anyone who is searching for hope, a sense of purpose, or answers to questions about God to check out the Explore God Invitation. The Invitation is open to anyone, anywhere:

Contact: Camille Rodriquez | [email protected] | 800-762-4394