fresh start

Fresh Starts Are Worth It

The Golden Nugget: Fresh starts are complicated, but they’re worth it.

Weekly Verse: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.” — Genesis 15:1

Weekly Message: 
Imagine a young woman with two children moving to another town to avoid an abusive husband. She has to find a job—perhaps two—and start a new life. Or the teenager moving to another town with his family, leaving behind his best friends with only one year to make new friends before college calls. Or the fifty-nine-year-old man asked to resign from his job or get fired. He doesn’t have enough to retire, but who’s going to give an “old guy” a chance?

In the Jewish Scriptures, God asked Abram to take his tribe and move to an unknown and distant land. His fresh start was to take place in the land of Canaan. No relatives lived there. There were no friends to welcome him. Abram knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it was the right thing to do. He began his fresh start and God took care of all his needs, including a large family and lots of cattle. His “new beginning” led to the establishment of the Hebrew nation. Abram was greatly rewarded when he trusted in God for his fresh start.

Consider This:

  • What might a fresh start look like for you?
  • As in Abram's case, a fresh start can mean ending relationships. Where could you go to find a group of people who would celebrate a positive new start?

Take Action:
Everyone has something they have intended to do but have put it off for any number of reasons. Make tomorrow your fresh start with that thing.