shepherd with flock

The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Golden Nugget: The Lord is my shepherd. Whatever I need, he knows and he provides.

Weekly Verse: “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.” —Jesus, John 10:14–15

Weekly Message: 
We probably don’t have a complete understanding of—much less appreciation for—the role of a shepherd. For instance, for the sake of his flock a shepherd gave up the comforts of home to make sure that the sheep could get from one pasture to another. The shepherd’s role was to make sure that every sheep was accounted for. He was armed with a walking staff large enough to fend off predatory attacks. At night, the sheep would be penned in a corral made of stones piled up in a circle. There was no gate; the shepherd would sleep in the corral opening so that not one sheep could leave. 

If one did stray, the shepherd would leave the flock to find the one that was lost. The shepherd would not lose one of his flock. The shepherd knew his sheep so intimately that he could tell them apart. And each member of the flock knew his voice, too.

In a similar way, the Lord is your shepherd. He knows what you need, provides for you, and is willing to protect you at any cost. Follow him and he will shepherd you to the greener pastures you are looking for.

Consider This:

  • Have you imagined God's voice? What did it sound like?
  • Why would Jesus take on the role as your shepherd?

Take Action:
Read Psalm 23. On a sheet of paper, draw two columns. Title one column “Things I Want” and the other column “Things I Need.” Write down everything you can think of that aligns with the headings. Ask God for the things under the “Things I Need” heading.